Top 10 Tips for CV Writing

Do you have a breadth of experience, yet your job search doesn’t get to the interview stage? Want to know the secrets to write the perfect CV? In this article, we’ll share 10 tips for writing a CV that employers will love.

The problem is most CV’s are complicated and therefore difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to read.

A Recruiter is trained to identify the most important things in a CV – and that’s exactly what they’ll look for.

So how do you make sure that your CV is as successful as it can be? Follow our 10 tips for writing a CV, straight from Specialist Recruiters, and your CV will be perfect in no time.

Don’t Complicate Things!

Keep your CV clear and concise. For some reason writing a CV is considered a daunting task. When it isn’t. Think about it like this, all you’re doing is writing down the things in your life that have already happened. You don’t have to ‘do’ anything at all!
Don’t overthink it. Put yourself in the Recruiters’ shoes. Tailor your CV to whichever job it is that you’re applying for and let the information on the CV do the talking.

Do Include Full Contact Details

You must include full contact details on your CV. Without this nobody will be able to contact you to update you about your application. Even if you apply through a jobs board sometimes your contact details will get lost. To eliminate any chances of this happening make sure you include: full address, email address, and your phone number. As a Recruiter, there are often instances when we cannot contact perfect candidates for this reason!

Don’t Be Dishonest

As tempting as it may be to alter the truth for your benefit it’s one of the worst mistakes you can make. Not only will you get found out (which will look badly on you) but, if by chance, you don’t get found out prior to accepting your new role you won’t be able to do the things you said you could in your job. Overall, it’s best practice to be entirely honest and be open to learning the things you don’t quite know yet.

Do Describe Each Position

When writing your CV make sure that you include a brief description for each of your previous positions. Although you shouldn’t bore the reader with pages and pages, include things such as the month and year you started and finished, company name, official job title and a brief description of the company and the role itself.

Don’t be too Fancy

Chances are unless you’re a Graphic Designer, nobody is looking at how pretty your CV is. As beneficial as it may seem to add nice colours and formats, it really won’t make a difference to your application. Take it from us, recruiters are trained extensively to tell a great CV from a not so great one.

In addition to this, you’d be very surprised at how many applicants forget to include the vital things on their CV because they focus too heavily on how it looks

Do Write a Personal Profile

Including a personal profile is often something that is overlooked when it comes to writing a CV. Make sure your personal profile is kept short and sweet and is always found at the top of the first page. Write a few lines that include: what you do, what you’re looking for and why you’re looking.

Don’t Worry About Keeping It Two Pages

Keeping your CV to two pages at a maximum is a myth. There is no real maximum requirement when writing your CV. If you’ve worked twenty years in more than one manager level role, we would expect to see more than two pages. There is no maximum length for a CV however, it should be at least one full A4 and ideally not exceed four.

Do Include Education

Education is vital for a CV and should always be included. Even if you have only attended school and went straight into work from there it is still important to mention. Make sure you include: place, dates attended, and qualifications obtained.

Don’t be Random

One of the most important things to remember when writing your CV is to keep things in order. Start from the most recent position you’ve had (or the one you’re in) and work back to the first role you ever had. It is a common occurrence for people to only have relevant experience in one or two roles and these are typically the most recent ones.

Do Highlight Your Achievements

Your CV is the first thing anyone will see when assessing you for a role. It is the place you want to show off the most and the place that is most acceptable for you to do so. Either have a section in which you highlight your achievements or highlight specific achievements for each role that you outline.

What did you make of our 10 tips for writing a CV?

Hopefully, you found these CV tips helpful and if you follow them you’ll definitely be able to write a much better CV.

Let us know your thoughts on these tips in the comments!


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